The World of Art

Sometimes you just want to go to a museum as a peaceful place to wander.  Instead of scouring the website and choosing a path, you want to see what you discover. Maybe it’s a freezing cold day, and cabin fever has pushed you out the door.  Or, has a heat wave hit New York driving you to search for the coolest air conditioning?   Whatever your motivation, when you take the kids to explore the world of art without a particular destination, the following activities could add to your adventure.

Choose your adventure below!

Yearbook Super Superlatives

 Head to the portrait gallery, or use any paintings that feature people, to fill in the winner for these categories. Make sure you give reasons for your choices.  Create some categories of your own.  Use the template to sketch and label your yearbook choices, or take some photos and share your pictures on instagram!

Click the links to see our picks.

Most likely to succeed,  Best dressed, Most likely to be president, Most athletic, Best dancer

What would they say, in 140 characters?

Choose any painting that features people or animals; decide what their first tweet would be.

Be creative and base your tweets on what you see.  Compare your ideas to the museum labels. Take a photo and share your tweets @timetravelnyc.

 Finally some opportunities for the ladies! #work #feminism #tablesforladies


ABC Scavenger Hunt

Use an A-Z list as a way to explore paintings and sculptures.  See what you could find for each letter of the alphabet. Click the links to see some of what we’ve found in museums around NYC.

A is for apple.

B is for boat.

C is for cat.

D is for dog.

E is for Eiffel Tower.

F is for fish.