When students take their learning out of the classroom, it becomes an experience to remember.  As a NYC teacher you have access to the places of people’s dreams.  This site will help you navigate them with students. Choose from one of the adventures, or check out the lesson plans below, for suggestions on how to guide your students out in the field.   The activities are geared for students age 7 and up, but are adaptable for various age groups. See below for a list of free field trips for New York City schools. Also, find professional development opportunities at museums around the city. Don’t forget to share your adventures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with #timetravelkidsnyc.

Free Field Trips for NYC Schools

Tips for Field Trips

  1. Choose a place that connects to your curriculum, then make necessary arrangements for reservations and transportation.
  2. Arrange for an adequate number of chaperones.  Inform chaperones of their responsibilities.
  3. Instruct students on expectations for behavior while on the trip.
  4. Prepare students for the work that will be expected of them before, during, and after the field trip.
  5. Have fun!